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    • 07/01/2014

    looking for a dentist in Lebanon

    Every year, many people will look for dentists in Beirut, Lebanon. These patients may need someone new because of just moving to the area or because the old provider is retiring. Some people have not sought dental services in years while others are not satisfied with their current provider. Others will need to find someone that will take their insurance. A few may need a specialist for orthodontic care or dental surgery.


    Why choosing the right caregiver is important

    Visiting the right office is important for more than one reason. Patients should feel comfortable with anyone they see and since most of these relationships are going to be long term, this is something that can be extremely important.

    Some basics to look for are cleanliness and friendliness. The office should be spotless and the receptionist and assistants should be welcoming and helpful. The dentist should be able to answer the patient’s questions easily and quickly but also should convey an attitude of friendliness and professionalism.


    What patients will find at a modern office

    Which kinds of services are offered at each practice can be the same as to basics but be very different in some aspects. Most general practitioners provide restorations, commonly called fillings, but may use different materials. Most offices will have a dental hygienist who cleans teeth and patients will want to schedule this service on a regular basis. Patients that need crowns, fixed or removable bridgework like partials can rely on their general dentist to provide these services.

    Some general practitioners have additional services. Many offer teeth whitening which helps people improve their smiles dramatically and easily. Many offices also have veneers. These fit over the fronts of teeth that have stains or damage and can make the tooth look normal. In some instances these can be used instead of orthodontics if the patient has only one tooth that is crooked. These require less preparation to the tooth surface in order to use than traditional methods such as crowns.


    Services beyond the basics

    Many general practitioners are offering invisible braces. These services are plotted out by a computer and take less time to accomplish than regular orthodontia. In many cases, people will want to visit a traditional orthodontic office for teeth straightening services.

    People that need extractions due to damage, decay or orthodontic treatment will want to find an oral surgeon. Many times it is possible to find this kind of dentist through a referral from the general practitioner.


    You can trust that Smile Center Clinics and Dr Walid Zalaket will provide you with the best dental care and the best looking smile...

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