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The procedure requires four sessions of 15 minute tooth whitening laser treatments. We have seen dramatic results with a color improvement of up to eleven shades.

It is great for the patient who wants to whiten their teeth quickly. As an added service, we provide with each laser tooth whitening patient with custom trays so you can maintain your new white smile, and even touch them up in the future for those special occasions when you want your teeth their whitest.

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Custom Tray Tooth Bleaching

Take-home whitening (bleaching) is still available for those wishing to whiten their teeth using tooth whitening trays. This is a slower process, but it is great for patients who want to whiten their teeth and time is not an issue. We will help guide you to the tooth whitening system that is best for you. No matter which system you choose, tooth whitening (bleaching) is a wonderful procedure to make your smile whiter, cleaner looking, and brighter.